Functional related posts via GenerateBlocks only

I have GeneratePress Pro theme, can I create a functional related posts via GenerateBlocks, without using WP Show Posts plugin?

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With GenerateBlocks you can create a beautiful related posts section. You can apply the post grid, customize the size of the related post’s featured image, apply title and align accordingly. It is even possible to keep post meta section.

But, the main question is how will the GenerateBlocks section fetch related posts according to Taxonomy and/or Tags. For this purpose, you will need WP Show Post plugin. Don’t worry, it is not too heavy on the website.

I found one article which shows how you can add related posts in Generatepress theme How To Display GeneratePress Related Posts [Step-by-Step]?.

The fetching of a related post (based on the same category) needs WP_QUERY object to fetch a related post. WP Show Post plugin does all the back end work and shows the related post.