Full Site Editing theme to go with GenerateBlocks

Hi, I use GenerateBlocks in combination with GeneratePress. That works fine.

But Full Site Editing is getting up to steam now with WordPress 6.1 and 6.2. So I was wondering if you will make a Full Site Editing theme to go with GenerateBlocks. Or maybe that is already in the works?

Would be great if you can let me know the plans / roadmap for supporting Full Site Editing with GenerateBlocks. If there are any of course. That would be great.

Thank you, Han

If I’m correct, they have taken that general direction with a “piece by piece” approach instead of making a block theme.

For example, I read a few responses from support staff in the GP forum that a future release will cover full design of pages such as category archives with blocks.

Hopefully that range of possibilities will keep expanding.

Hi Alesia, so the plan is to develop GeneratePress further. No GenerateFSE theme?

Just to be clear, I don’t speak on behalf of the GP/GB team.

What I described above is what I can understand based on the signals they made when interacting with users and in an interview that Tom gave on YouTube.

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Wow thanks alesia for mention this. Just found the interview: The GenerateWay — A Live Interview with Tom Usborne - YouTube

Every GB and GP MUST see this interview! Thanks Tom! This helps so much to understand your values better!

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Agree, great interview. Good to hear the GP/GB future is bright.

Yep. That’s the interview I talked about. Note to self: provide a link next time :laughing:

I’ve been using GP for a few years and my advice for anyone who may not be fully familiar with the approach is: patience is a virtue.

There are plenty of theme and plugin developers in the WordPress ecosystem who drop features into their products which turn out to be slow, buggy, badly maintained or even unsecure. I haven’t seen much of that with GP and GB.

The trend is rather the opposite. When they add something, it usually works for the long term.

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Yes, thanks for that. The long term view is what I really like.

Regarding the FSE, we believe it still needs to evolve more before we can take any direction.

For now, we are making sure GeneratePress is staying up to the job allowing better integration with blocks and core’s new features.

On GenerateBlocks we are taking everything we can from Gutenberg, using its features, making sure our plugin is stable, solid, performant, and customizable for the future. In the last version, we are making sure GB works better with block themes.

What Tom said in the video is what we believe in, and how we are working. We are not in a rush, we want to make it right the best way we can. And we are preparing the products for the future, whatever it may be.

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The approach is a great one.

However, end users are typically on the receiving end of sales pitches and demos focused on shiny features without understanding the nuts and bolts of long term development.

The GP site does a good job at saying that the theme is fast but many users go to support forums asking “where is this feature that other themes have/when will you add it”.

Perhaps is there a need in the audience for either a roadmap or a summary of the GP way of doing things. Because when people hear it, as they did above, they react well.