Force global styles / disable customization

Hello Tom and everyone,

Nice work on GenerateBlocks. Hoping it can save me some time vs creating custom blocks myself.

With rare exception, I will want to create global styles and have only those reused across the site. So, in most cases, I want to be able to disable as much of the one-off customization options as possible.

So, with Containers for example, if I create a few global container styles, is there a way for me to hide all the per-instance accordion style settings in the block editor? and essentially force a selection of one of the X number of pre-defined styles?


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I think this would be useful as an option.

It’s possible to tell our panels to display or not with a filter right now. You can see an example of it here: Remove Documentation Panels

You’d just need to find the IDs of the panels you want to disable: generateblocks/edit.js at 1.3.3 · tomusborne/generateblocks · GitHub