Font-size Bug on Mobile

Let’s say we use “px” as our font-size unit. Now, if we go to chrome on laptop and change the “Page Zoom” setting, then the text size will increase/decrease as per the “Page Zoom” setting…but let’s do the same thing on mobile:

When we go in mobile chrome and change the “Text Scaling” setting, the text size changes for elements - like paragraph and list - but the text inside all four generate blocks doesn’t change.

In mobile, the same thing happens if instead of changing the “Text Scaling” setting of chrome, you change the text size of your phone via settings-> display -> text-size.

So, the text inside all four generateblocks changes when we change chrome’s “Page Zoom” setting in laptop…but it will not change if we change chrome’s “Text Scaling” in mobile or change the phone’s text-size setting.

To recreate the issue, you can use generateblocks homepage. You will see that the text-size of generateblocks’ homepage will change by changing the “Page Zoom” setting of chrome on laptop…but it will not change by changing the “ Text Scaling” setting of chrome on mobile, or changing the mobile’s text-size setting.

Here is a result of some testing I have done (remember, this is for mobile only):

  • Normal Paragraph - Changing
  • Paragraph inside GB container - Changing
  • Paragraph inside GB Grid - Not changing
  • Paragraph in GB Heading - Not changing

I hope that I’m able to put down the problem. Is this a bug, intended feature, or I’m missing something?

Thank You!