Flipcard / Flipbox

Maybe this exists in GB Pro and is called something else and I just don’t know it. Also, please bear in mind that this is coming from someone that has very little coding knowledge, and as such, has no clue about how difficult this might be. :wink:

A way to create a Flip card or Flip box and control the following:

  • Effect when hovering to change the transition from “Front” and “Back (hover)” view (flip, slide, fade in, fade out, etc).
  • Apply a background image separately to each view.
  • Apply an overlay color separately to each view.
  • Apply overlay opacity separately to each view.
  • Add a GB within the flipcard for different headlines and / or text for each view.
  • Add a clickable link to the “flip side” of the card

One example of this can be seen at the website below (created in, cough, Elementor, cough, sorry):
coldspringconsulting . com