[Feature Enhancement] Retain global stlye association after renaming

When a global style has been created and applied then renamed afterward, it is not retained to the elements that have been applied to and it would need to be re-applied. It would be a great enhancement to keep the association in tact.

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This is a tough one, as you’ve already saved the Global Style class to the individual blocks. There’s no easy/reliable way to bulk-edit all of those existing blocks to change the class.

Could the class be something different than the global style slug?

How would that be set, exactly? Just a random unique ID?

Out of curiosity, why rename it at all?

Yeah, maybe a random ID that wouldn’t be visible on the front end. You might make a mistake on the naming when you start so it could restrict you further down the line. Just seems a bit limiting, you just need to get the naming right otherwise you are stuck with it.

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This sounds similar to how Advanced Custom Fields generates a Key for each field, but the user can only edit the Label and Name? E.g. Label: Hero Image, Name: hero_image, Key: field_5fcdfeab93e9a.

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Yeah, something like that!