Editing Content Template

I’ve started using a content template for my site archives (by category and tag), as you can see here.
I would like to add to the current template the post excerpt. Someone can show me how?


Hi Mariosem,

You can use a Dynamic Content Block - This can retrieve the Post Excerpt: Dynamic Blocks - Documentation

You should also be able to use a GB Headline Block to retrieve the Post Excerpt. See here - Headline Overview - Documentation

Hello Fermando,
thanks, the Dynamic Content Block works perfectly, whereas I don’t find the excerpt in the headline block.
Another question: how can I move the block to where I need? I would like to have the excerpt in the lower part, not to cover the featured image. But I get this position and I cannot drag the block lower.


The Button should have a top Margin. Remove that first.

Then, insert the Dynamic Content Block inside a Container Block. Then, add top margin to this Container Block instead.

Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand. What button has a margin? Where can I find it?
Do I have to insert the Dynamic Block inside a Container?
Is there a tutorial with pictures, somewhere?

  1. The top margin should be in the Leggi Tutto Buttons Wrapper. Example: Image 2022-11-08 at 4.13.29 PM
  2. Yes, you need to place it inside a Container Block so you can add top margin to it.
  3. In the video in the Document I shared above, it’s shown where the margin is added.

The “Leggi tutto” button wrapper has neither top margin nor any other margin value…

Okay, found it and fixed it, thanks a lot!
Schermata 2022-11-08 alle 09.32.35

Can you check the Button wrapper Block? The one in your screen shot is the Button Block.

Check if “Pulsanti” has a margin top.

Thanks, I figured it out!

You’re welcome @mariosem!