Dynamic Sources / Toolset Integration

  • Toolset Integration to bring Dynamic Sources to GenerateBlocks

This recent Toolset release brings Dynamic Sources to some popular Block Plugins - https://toolset.com/2021/01/toolset-blocks-1-4-brings-dynamic-sources-and-inline-fields-to-popular-block-plugins/ - as you will see in the comments many have requested integration with GenerateBlocks / GenerateBlocks Pro as GeneratePress is a really popular theme to use with Toolset. The Toolset developers are keen to add it but they need a bit of cooperation on your side.

I appreciate that Dynamic Sources is something you are also looking at, but integration with Toolset in the meantime (and for more complex tasks) would be a great feature!



Definitely aware of the demand. They’re free to contact me if they have any questions during the integration :slight_smile:



Is there any work being done towards this Toolset integration? I could really get behind the combination of GB and Toolset… I use Toolset in pretty much every site I make.

Here is what one of their tech/dev mentioned on a post there: Image 2021-02-14 at 18.49.57 at https://toolset.com/2021/01/toolset-blocks-1-4-brings-dynamic-sources-and-inline-fields-to-popular-block-plugins/


I’ve spoken with them asking for any docs on how to go about it, but they have nothing up to date. They insist it’s super easy and are waiting for your call about it. :slight_smile:

Did you find much more about this? I have just logged a feature request for it.

This post should help: Toolset compatability with GenerateBlocks Styling - #2 by coreaspect

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Where are things at with the Toolset integration? I have started a site that will be using Toolset and really want to continue to use GB. But of course there is the display issue on the front end with GB blocks used in Toolset templates. In addition, I am wanting to use GB buttons as social media icons with dynamic links from custom fields. But right now that doesn’t seem to be an option right out of the box. I really want to see Toolset and GB get this integration done officially and soon. Both sides seem to have indicated a willingness for this to happen. But it feels like it hasn’t progressed to reality. What can I do to help get Tom and Dario talking together and getting this thing implemented?

If this is indeed the case, this is very disappointing. What is the issue that these two companies can’t work together on an official solution?

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Wondering the same thing as this integration would be very useful to us. Please reconsider!

+1 I am very interested in integration as well

Adding my vote to this.

Same here, I have created a WordPress Archive using Toolset but unfortunately, GenerateBlocks is not working as desired. In the back-end, everything works perfectly fine, but on the front-end, the CSS is not applied.

There is a workaround which works, but only for Content Templates. I contacted Toolset and this is what they said:

I looked into this and it isn’t currently possible to provide such a workaround for custom archives, because GeneratePress doesn’t itself output content with blocks on archive pages, and so it isn’t internally geared up for adding its block styles to archive pages, and hence there is no way to simply intervene and ensure that the styles are enqueued.

Adding such support is likely to require collaboration with the plugin developer, so I’ve added details to an internal ticket and am escalating this thread to it so that if we do get some news in the future I can update you.

I am considering purchasing GenerateBlocks Pro, but what do I do with it if it is not compatible with Toolset, and I use Toolset for almost all the sites.


Toolset supporter has found a work-around to this problem over here https://toolset.com/forums/topic/generateblocks-css-not-working-on-toolset-wordpress-archives-template/#post-2265699

I tried and it is working for me.