Dynamic Image Background Sizes

With the release of 1.5 I am wondering if we will see the ability to set different image sizes for mobile/tablet.

To help increase LCP scores it is beneficial to select different image sizes for mobile/tablet/desktop. I already take advantage of this feature in GenerateBlocks Pro, but am unable to make use of the same idea when it comes to Dynamic data either part of the 1.5 update or part of even GeneratePress’s Elements feature.

The big aspect on where this is helpful is the following example.

  1. Setup a high resolution (1500-2000px wide) featured image for a page.
  2. Then create a container block as a hero element at the top of the page and set the background to be pulled dynamically from the page’s featured image.
  3. Under the background image settings allow the image size selection to be linked to the current responsive section (IE desktop/tablet/mobile).
  4. This would allow me to use a full size background image for desktop, while drastically lowering the LCP by loading a medium image size on mobile.

Yes, it would be a great addition.
I was quite confused that the container block had desktop & mobile options for background, but changing the background in the mobile section also changed the desktop background.