Cutom Icon LIST: CRITICAL block missing in GP/GB


I see no reason why GP or GB do not offer a custom icon list. Please note that I am talking about a list, not about custom headings following each other, which is very different in terms of SEO.

List are good for your SEO
A list has a semantic value for Google, meaning a structure way or ordering information, be it numbered or not. A list of headings does not convey the same idea at all. The thing is that Google loves lists. Again, I’m talking about real lists.

Custom icon list are very useful and should be easy to manage
One piece of golden advice to the dev team of GP and GB: Install and test Kadence Blocks. I would compare they Icon list to paradise and the GB Headings as hell in terms of user-friendliness. Again, do NOT believe me, test by yoruself. Try to create the same custom icon list on both sides and you’ll see by yourself.

I have summarized all the benefits of GP offering actual custom icon list here.

I keep defending that new feature idea.
Hopefully you will understand the functional gap of GP without them. Again, text Kadence and you should be sold.

My point here is to make GP better and uninstall Kadence on each and every of my blogs. I only keep ip for their amazing custom icon block.

Thank you for paying attention to my contribution to the greatness of GP.