CSS Animated Backgrounds with GenerateBlocks Containers

Has anyone come up with an elegant way to create animated backgrounds for GenerateBlocks containers? For example, something like this: https://codepen.io/chris22smith/pen/RZogMa. Of course, I understand this will take some custom CSS, I’m just trying to come up with the best method of creating those additional DIVs within the GenerateBlocks ecosystem.

Hi @TheFrameGuy ,

You can actually use the same custom CSS in this codepen.

GenerateBlocks’ Container blocks have additional CSS class(es) field which lets you add in custom CSS selectors. You just need to add bg for the main animation and/or bg1/bg2/bg3 for its variants.

The extra divs are placeholders anyway. You can do the same thing w/ Container blocks even when the blocks render nested divs because the main animations are applied to the main div wrappers. :smiley: