Creating a (horizontal) timeline with GP and GB

Hi Tom,

I’ve been experiencing with the new features of GenerateBlocks Pro and it feels outstanding. Congratulations for the excellent work you and your team has done.

That there are some things I’d like to see as a feature in GB, but I know that you also want to keep things simple. I also feel that with these new features, GB Blocks feels so great that I’m starting to wonder if some of those feature are possibly without adding any other premium plugin. For example, let’s talk about interactive timelines…

I could create a Custom Post Type for timeline events, of course with some Custom Fields like date, title, description and optional fields like image, video or post/page. I could add an icon field to the date, to make things more interesting.

Then I could create an Element as a Content template hook for a specific “Timeline” page and for each “Event” CPT, or even have more than one style for “Events” and decide which template to use while editing the event (for example, decide if where to put the text: above or below the date, or image: left or right from the description.

All this could be included in a container with a “swipe” function to add this carousel effect of an horizontal timeline. Of course this wouldn’t be needed if the timeline would be vertical…

Is all this possible with GB Pro? I guess some things would require some coding, like the swiping effect. Glad to hear from you and all the community your experience and ideas around this.


Hi, thanks for the question. Interesting. I would also welcome a timeline feature. Greetings.