Create Map Drill Down Simuation With ACF GP Blocks Dynamic Data

Hey there fellas,

Guess who’s back… :slight_smile:

I created a series of map images that simulate a “drill down” effect (going from world view to local zip code view) and rather than create a new page for each map image… I would rather exchange the image directly on the page (without a pageload) using the gp dynamic content block.

I have ACF installed, plus your blocks obviously… is it possible to achieve this effect? If so, how?

Hi @dragonsway,

So, the map is made up of different image blocks, and clicking on one “zooms” to that image?

If this is what you’re referring to, you might need a lightbox plugin.

If you’re referring to something else, can you provide a sketch or a link to a sample site that has a similar feature?

Thanks for the feedback… I found a solution… The “Slide Anything” plugin has a “click on advance” functionality that works perfectly… set the slide to duration to 0, set slide transition to 0… and select click to advance… presto… users have the illusion that they are “click, drill-down” through my maps from World View down to local zip code view.

I see. Glad you found a solution, and thank you for sharing it!