CPT category-single archive page displays posts from multiple categories and multiple times

Hi there!
I use GP premium+GB free1.5.2. I’ve created a Content Template Element for CPT archive pages. Problem is, the archive page displays correctly the title of the specific category, but the posts are displayed from other categories too that has assigned posts). And, this loop is displayed multiple times, it seems the number of multiplication depends on the number of posts belonging to the given category. I cannot sort out whether I do something incorrectly or this is some kind of anomaly. You can check it here:

Thanks for any help!

Are you using a Query Loop Block in your Content Template? The issue seems to be occurring because you may have a Query Loop in your template. For reference, here’s an article you may refer to with regards to how Content Templates work: Block Element - Content Template - Documentation

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Thanks, the link you provided is for an older version of GB. But you seem to be right, when I remove Query Loop from Content template then it displays a specific category (I thought it works like JetEngine, but it seems to have different logic, so a bit difficult to switch, I haven’t succeded to understand the correct process in GB 1.5.2. ) So I cannot use QL in Content template?
So, if I remove QL, the archive page displays posts in one column. In Customizer I set display posts in column, but this is a CPT, it has no effect.
So, what I want is: make a customized CPT-Archive template and also a CPT-categories archive template (both with 3 columns and customized title and list items). Can I achieve this? (I want to switch from Elementor! Please!)

Hi @lumpyka,

Content Templates are part of GP Premium, not GB. If you’re using the Content Template in the Blog/Archive pages as it’s meant to be, you shouldn’t place a Query Loop Block inside it.

As for the columns in your CPT, this can be achieved through a filter.

Can you kindly start a new topic in GP forums as this is part of GP?: Support - GeneratePress

Hope to hear from you soon there.

Do you mean you should NOT place a query loop block in a Content Template?

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I also feel some contradiction: so should or should NOT to place QL into CT?

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Thanks for noting that out. I meant should not. :slight_smile: