Container block going full width when applying global style

I’m trying to create a block element that contains a banner placed before the header. In the layout modal of the parent container, I’ve set ‘Container: Full Width’ and ‘Inner Container: Contained’. This works; the banner matches the width of the page content (1200px). However, when I create a Global Style with exactly the same Layout settings, the banner goes full width (unless I set the ‘Container Width’ to greater than or less than 1200px in the Global Style).

How can I use a Global Style to define the width of the banner?


Hi @afanc777 ,

were you pertaining to the one w/ the gb-container-banner class?

If yes, it doesn’t seem like it had Inner Container set to “contained”. Can you check again and confirm if perhaps it is the case?

Note: You may have to regenerate CSS of GB on Dashboard > GenerateBlocks > settings after doing changes.