Conditional Block Display by page / post / CPT page

Restricting a widget to a page is always useful, and I use this on a number of websites. However with the Gutenberg editor, none of the plugins I have tried are compatible, they all need the old widget screen - and block widgets are far easier to use especially with GenerateBlocks.

These plugins I have tried, none block compatible.
Display Widgets
Wiget Context
Widget Options - has an option to revert to classic widgets

So my request is that GB has display options built in, to allow display or not under various conditions: specific pages, exlude from pages, devices, and other conditions.

Further to this, I am converting a number of website from an old theme (artisteer and themler) to generatepress and generateblocks. Those themes had inbuilt support for conditional widgets - see attached image. So this suggestion may be appropriate for generatepress instead of generate blocks. Will attach image of old theme support.

If its a widget area, you may just want to build your own ‘widget areas’ using the GP Block Element:

Not sure I understand, the Elements are hard to understand - I have used them, but tricky.
A good example for this requirement is menu blocks in the sidebar widget area, where the menu displayed relates to the page or group of pages. The samw widget area would have widgets that apply to all pages.

Hi, I’m still no nearer with this. I need a widget or widget area that has conditional settings, to allow display on specific pages or groups of pages. None of the existing plugins I have used work with the Gutenberg block widget area. I can’t see anything in the block elements link that will help.
If there is a way, how do I do it please?
Thanks, LenW

Hi LenW,

This should be doable with the GP Premium Block Element functionality. You can create you own “widgets area” and set them to appear on specific pages as mentioned by David. The docs linked have a few videos as well on how to implement it.

If you want, you can you start a new topic here: and we’ll gladly provide full assistance and guide you step by step on how to implement it.

I think the GP Block Element is exactly what you need.