Categories on pages

Hello GB community,

On my website I’m posting new pages daily. Unfortunately I’m using pages instead of posts (I wish it was the other way around). I would love to change back to posts, but it’s over 150 pages already. Is there a way to categorize my pages so I can use them in query loops?

Thank you in advance


Not really a GeneratePress question, but If you add this snippet in functions.php in child theme, or in a code snippet plugin, or as file in mu-plugins, you will have added categories and tags to pages.

It’s also possible to switch pages to posts with a plugin like Post Type Switcher. This one includes a bulk edit feature.

You will need to assess if this will work for your site and content though and if you will also need to setup URL redirects for SEO.

Thank you @thisbit and @jessefisher

@thisbit so I will add the categories the pages. Then I will setup a query loops… will it be possible to make a query loops where there is pages showing with a specific category? Or does that only work for posts.