Buttons did disappear over night


I created some bottons with generateblocks and everything was fine… Over night, strangely the buttons disappeared. It’s like the CSS is not loaded anymore, but the rest of the page is okay.

Maybe you could have a look at https://www.endener.com

The buttons should be placed left of the video.

I tried to add new buttons to the page, but this did not help. And the buttons are missing on other pages (>20) as well…

Thanks for any help.


FYI: I used a reusable block for the buttons, but it’s still in the archive of the reusable blocks and I am not able to add the button block to the pages, because I get the error: “can’t add the block to itself”.

EDIT: Later I was able to detect, that WP Rocket seems responsible for that strange behavior of the buttons. I deactivated WP Rocket and activated WP Rocket again. Now, the buttons are back again in English Language, but not in German Language.

Maybe GenerateBlocks has a compatibility issue with WP Rocket? Do you know that?

How could I solve this? Is this a case for WP Rocket or GenerateBlocks?

EDIT: It seems also to be a WPML-Issue… Now, the Buttons in English Language are back, but in German Language they are missing. It’s something, I never discovered before and I would really like to solve it.

Hi there,

my question hasn’t been answered nor solved, yet.

Do the buttons appear in the editor? To pinpoint a possible plugin conflict, the best route is to disable them all (preferably in a staging environment) and re-enable them one by one. I see in the console that the advanced ads plugin is throwing some errors. Not sure if it’s related though.