Button to open elementor popup

hi, is it possible to open an elementor popup with a gb button in the pro gb version?
thank you

Check the Elementor documentation on pop ups - i believe you can add a custom CSS class for the pop up trigger. You can then add that class to a Button in the settings > advanced > Additional CSS Class(es) field. Shouldn’t require GB Pro.

hi david !!!
i did a lot of what you said but no result.
i created an email form in elementor, gave it the name .popuptest and then when i apply it to the css field you told me, nothing happens.
what makes me think i forget something is that in the gutenberg editor, when i select that button, there is a # with an empty space after it. maybe i should type something there?
in my test site, www.thenikos.cyou/wptest1, you can see 2 posts, an elementor post that shows the popup works, and a generatepress post where i use a template from gb pro with button.
i anticipate for your answer.
thank you !!!

hi again !! i did it :slight_smile: for our readers in case they need the solution, the important is to enable the popup in the publish settings of elementor popup properties. (elementor does not need it, but generatepress needs it).
now i have another minor problem: when i move the mouse cursor over the buttons, it transforms to a character entry cursor, not to a hand which is usually when we go over the buttons.
how can i fix this?
thank you !!!