Button link to post

Hi, Can’t believe this has me stumped …

I have a query loop with a Posts Template and various fields. Displays my posts nicely as cards, as expected.
I then added a button ( Read more ) and want to link that to the actual post … but I can’t figure out how to do this. Usually I’d just link to Post ID but I don’t see that option anywhere.

Have I had too much coffee tonight?


Hi @alanj

It can be found in the Block Settings as such: Edit Page “Generate Blocks ...

Specifically, you’ll need to enable Dynamic Data and set the Link source as shown.

Hope this clarifies!

Hmmm, thanks.
Yes I had tried that but it does not return the expected result. All I get as the button target is http://post/ which makes no sense to me.

I’ll try and create a new test site and recreate a query loop etc and see if it happens again.


Built a new site and created the query loop again … and it all works!

I still can’t get the original to work and have no idea what I did wrong there. Very perplexing.

Anyway can close as now working.