Button keeps disappearing

Hey there - I have created a button style that I want to use again and again. I have the following code as a text snippet (textexpander) so I can drop it into a new page when I need it.

However each time I do, and save the page, when I go back in to edit the page the button code is removed. How do I stop this from happening? Thanks.

Code is here as it wouldn’t let me add the code.

Hi there,

I’m not seeing any issues with the code itself.

Is the entire block completely gone when you re-open the page? It doesn’t exist at all in the Block Navigation?

Hi Tom,

Only the button code disappears. The rest remains.

I’ve just added the complete code so you can see it all.


And what happens if you add a new button? Does it save ok?

Any chance you can link me to a page that should have the button on it?

Here’s the page with the button on it:

Here is a short video walkthrough in the edit area showing the problem happening:

Many thanks.

Ah, the code itself shouldn’t be displayed in the editor like that - it should actually render the button visually once you paste it in.

What happens if you try to paste the button at the very end of your content?

That worked. All good now Tom. Many thanks.

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