Button Global Styles


I have generate blocks pro and have been using global styles for setting default containers and buttons, something has just occured to me. When creating the global style for buttons, should I label the global style name in the Buttons or the individual Button section. I hope that makes sense.

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Ps I looking forward to the next version of blocks and press

They are independent of each other. The Buttons wrapper styles only apply to the buttons wrapper and Button styles only apply to the Button. This allows you to have multiple Button styles inside the same Buttons wrapper.

So if for example I use two different button styles in my website I could actually create the different button styles in the same block and just give them different IDs so I could choose which style I want to use, that is cool although I always try to be consistent with my button styles.

Yes, that’s right :slight_smile:

Common use cases would be a solid button and an outline button, or different button colours.

The Button block can also be useful for text links that don’t look like a button and social icons.