[Bug] Unexpected global styles behavior

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Create a global style, insert a button and adjust the background and color for it. It can be anything, though, a button is just an example.
  2. Insert a button on a page and apply the global style button you created in step 1.
  3. Try deselecting the style from the global style dropdown (by selecting “Choose…”) while Use Global Style toggle is active.
  4. Button resets back to the previous state as expected.
  5. Select the global style again to apply it to the button.
  6. Now, deactivate the Use Global Style toggle.
  7. The button loses ALL styling whatsoever as if it hadn’t been styled before.

Expected behavior:
On step 7, the button should have retained the previously styled state before the global style had been applied.

When a Global Style is added, it intentionally de-styles the button so it can pick up the global CSS instead of generating its own.

It would be possible to store your initial styling during that session so it will revert back if you change your mind, but that storage would go away once the page is refreshed. Sounds like a good compromise?


I see, Tom, sounds good to me!