[Bug] Global Styles + CSS Variables

Hey guys! I’m testing out the new alpha releases (GB 1.4.0, GB Pro 1.1.0 along with GP 2.1.0) and I’m running into an issue using CSS variables. The front-end output is working as intended. However, the live preview within the editor isn’t working properly.

Steps to reproduce the issue…

  1. Create a new Global Style
  2. Add a “Container” element (.gb-container-primary)
  3. Apply a background color. I used one of the new default variables var(–contrast)
  4. The live preview doesn’t update to display the new color selection

This is the output I get…

.gb-container-primary {
  background-color: rgba(NaN, NaN, NaN, 1);

I’ll let you know if anything else comes up. Great work on the new updates. GB just keeps getting better and better!

As a follow up, the issue I mentioned above is not exclusive to Global Styles. I’m experiencing the same behavior when editing pages/posts as well.

Sorry! Please disregard my post. I didn’t have the correct version of GB installed.

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Glad you got it sorted! :slight_smile: