Best way to work with Global Styles

Hello there,
I’d like to create a local template to be used on several pages.

The row is basically made of 2 columns styled in a different way (i.e. One column has a gradient background and a specific padding).

I can see 2 ways to do that:

  1. creating a local template containing the 2 columns
  2. creating a Global Style for the row

Each of the 2 solutions have pro and cons: Respectively:

  1. if I need to modify the template (i.e.: change the column behavior on tablet), then changes won’t be reflected on pages
  2. Global classes will be created for all elements inside the row, even those I don’t need to style globally.

Point 2 will lead to a situation like this:

which will be a bit confusing.

How do you suggest to solve the problem?

Thank you