Best way to save an existing block on an existing page to local templates

If I already have a block element on an existing page that I want to re-use by adding to the Local Templates section in GB Pro, do I need to save as a re-usable block first and then add to local templates from re-usable blocks? Is that the best procedure to save a block to the Local Templates section on the fly?

I found the answer here:


Thanks. You are the only one that replied to my post, so thanks for that. I had worked out that I can just copy a block and paste that into the local template builder.


I have found it helpful to create a separate page in Wordpress (I just name it block-templates) that I only use to build blocks that I want to add to my local library.

I like that they are all on the same page, that way I can easily see them in one place. Make sure to view the page in mobile to check how the blocks look.

Then, once they are perfect, I just copy/paste them into a local block template.


That’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing.