Best way to copy GB Containers to other pages

Hi Guys,

I find the WordPress Reusable Block function to be a bit quirky and unreliable. As a substitute, I’ve just been copying and pasting complex GB Containers to other pages.

This seems to work as expected, but before I go any deeper down this path, I’d like to confirm a few observations:

  1. If I select a parent Container, and copy the code via Options/Copy, I will also copy the unique Container IDs (rendering them not so “unique” anymore). Correct?

  2. But, if I select a parent Container, and duplicate it before copying the code, the duplication process will generate new unique IDs. Correct?

  3. So, to avoid any possible conflicts, it would be best to duplicate the parent Container, copy the duplicate Container code, then delete the duplicate Container. Correct?

I hope this makes sense. If you’ve got any other recommendations, please share.



Hello there,

  1. If you copy and paste within the same page, the Unique ID should be changed. If copying and pasting to a different page, the unique ID would be copied. You can check by opening the Code Editor to be sure: Edit Page “Test Page for im...
  2. It will in the same way copying and pasting does on the same page, but if you’re copying and pasting it to a different page, in the same context, it will retain the ID of the duplicated Block. You can instead cut and paste.
  3. Cut and paste if transferring to other pages.

Hope this clarifies!

Understood. Thank you.

Hey Phil, I agree with you about the wordpress re-usable blocks, but did you know that GenerateBlocks Pro has a better solution? Have you seen the Template Library, with their mockups of blocks? Well you can also save your own block designs to the tempate library, which also lets you see just your designs, and disable the online ones if you want.
I use it constantly, and it’s as good a reason for GB pro as any.

Oh wow. That’s cool.

Reusable blocks without the cranky auto update feature. Perfect.

I have GenerateBlocks Pro, just wasn’t paying attention. Oops.

Thanks for the tip.

Exactly. And if you take a screenshot and save it as the template’s featured image, you’ll get a visual in the block chooser.