Background images - you can set min-width but not max-width?

With “mobile first” responsive design we are always using the following CSS for images:

max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

The background image setting in GB allows for a “min-width” but not max-width and although quite similar the max-width is great for mobile first as it says an image can get as big as 100% but no bigger…

Is there a way round this apart from adding a ‘class’ and more CSS?

Hey, @nampara17 in the next versions we will be improving some of our controls, and we are adding a Size option that will let you have more control over these attributes such as max/min width and height. In the current version, you have to rely on custom CSS.

Hi - thanks - would be really useful to have more control of these options.

(more with GRID would also be wonderful - FLEX and GRID are, of course, the ‘dynamic duo’ :wink: )

You will love next version! :wink:

Love every version mate… just hope you continue to stick to the ‘basics’ and don’t try to be a swiss army knife… :wink:

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