Backdrop-filter CSS?


I’m trying to add a backdrop-filter css effect on a title (to affect its background image). I know how to do it with custom CSS but I’d like to use GB Pro features as much as possible. Is that an option somewhere? I’m not seeing it, but I’m wondering if I’m missing it.

Thank you

Hi @noringam,

Do you have this specific backdrop filter applied anywhere with custom CSS? If so, can you provide the link so we can assess it?

@fernandoazarcon2 my site is not live so I can’t easily share a link. But my question is more generic regarding backdrop-filter.

For example, here is a simple CSS rule I added via the Customizer to several of my global styles:

.gb-button-topic-cat-small, .gb-button-topic-cat-medium, .gb-button-topic-cat-large, .gb-button-topic-cat-small-hd, .gb-button-topic-cat-medium-hd, .gb-button-topic-cat-large-hd {
    backdrop-filter: blur(8px);

I see. Thank you for clarifying.

There’s no such effect in GB Pro yet. The closest would be a filter though it doesn’t work as a backdrop-filter does.

This could be a good feature though. For feature requests, you can raise a new topic here as well: Feature Requests - GenerateBlocks Community

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