Author Box Email Icon

I am building out an Author Box using GP’s dynamic data. All social icons are working properly. There is an author mete field called: publicemail

How do I format a GB button to display the proper mailto syntax so when a user clicks on the Envelope icon, they are prompted to open an email client. Maybe something like so. Pretty sure this is the proper syntax?

You mean something like this?

  • Add a button (or a headline)

  • Set the button text

  • Add a Enveloppe icon (there is one available, but otherSVG icons can easily be copy pasted )

  • Enable Dynamic Data

  • Set Data Source: Current Post

  • Set Link Source: Author Email

  • Set Link Type: Email

If you don’t like the text displayed, in the icon section there is a possibility to hide the text.
Now when someone clicks on the button, their email client opens.

Hi @BiancaNL

That is interesting. For Authro Box, the default way is to use the round database icon to add dynamic date but your method on the right side also works to inject the proper syntax for mailto:

This method does work but I noticed the icon still shows up with the mailto: syntax even though this author does not have any data in the meta field. I have enabled Remove block if link is empty but I guess it’s not theoretically empty as it has a link type = email. If I choose Link type = default, then the icon no longer display as intended. Maybe the Link Type makes it NOT empty? Maybe this is a glitch in GB?

As a heads up, this field is not the default Author Email. It’s a custom meta field called someting else so I have to choose Link Source = Author Meta and pull it this way.

Your method has come the closest so far though. Thank you for chiming in!

Hold the phone. If you skip the Dynamic Text and set Dynamic link type = Author Meta and Meta field name = fieldname then it works! Looks like there is some smart code built in to recognize an email field even though it’s a custom field? Nice!