"Article" tag assigned to container

I am designing a content template based on GeneratePress block element and I’d like to assign an “Article” tag to one of the containers inside the element. However, this tag is not available for a container, only for the element as a whole. Is there any way to use this tag in a container or it’s justified not to?



Its not possible at this time with GenerateBlocks.
I can see that option being a requirement in a later GB update, when Query Loop Block is added.

For now, the GeneratePress theme adds the article tag for the post container. So you should not need to unless you’re nesting a related article inside that article.

GB 1.5.1 / GB Pro 1.2.0 still haven’t added the Tag Name “article”.
It could allow to built more semantic structure like GeneratePress does at Blog or Archive pages. For for global consistency also.
Of course, we would need to alter the wrapper tag to div.

BTW, why GB doesn’t allow span tag for Headline Block?