Any news about WP Show Posts like capabilities for GenerateBlocks?

Any news on the release of the new version of GenerateBlocks, which adds WP Show Posts-like capabilities to GenerateBlocks?

The announced release date has passed; do you have a fresh estimate?

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This from Tom in a previous thread on the subject:

"As of right now we’re hoping to have a public alpha or beta available by the end of March. Of course, it’s important that we release something stable with a solid foundation, so if we have to push that back a little we will.

However, it’s our #1 priority right now, we’re working hard on it :slight_smile:"


Today is 29/03. Is there any news on this subject? Best Regards.

Here is Tom’s reply on FB when asked the same question - 4 days ago:
“We’re getting very close to a public alpha. About a week behind where I wanted to be at this point, but that’s not too bad when it comes to a release of this size.”


Thanks for the heads up. I’m thrilled to hear about the next release and all the new features it brings with it.

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It sounds like we’re all pretty excited about this release! And trying to bump the thread up in the hopes that makes release dates come faster…


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