Add custom SVG icons to general icons


Do you think it would be possible to add a custom SVG icon to general icons ?
i’m writing pros and cons on my articles and so a “+” and “-” icons but i’ve only the “+” in general icons… So I have to copy / past always the “-” from an article to another… Would be great an option to add icons.


Hi Kliftech,
This is already possible with GenerateBlocks Pro. You can add custom SVG icons to the Library from where you can call them within the editor. You don’t add them to the ‘General Icons’ but you are able to create a custom folder ( I have one called Bootstrap icons) in which you can add all your custom icons.


Ok thank you Bianca. Is GenerateBlocks Pro free for GeneratePress Premium customer ?
Thank you

Hello Kliftech,
GenerateBlocks Pro and GeneratePress Premium are 2 separate products, with 2 separate plans.

Hello BiancaNL,
Very interesting. I did not find anything about this in GenerateBlocks Pro documentation. How can I add such a library, in a custom folder ?

I just found the answer I needed. It is not in the documentation of GenerateBlocks but here : Asset Library Demonstration
Thanks anyway !

Fauve is correct that GeneratePress Premium and GenerateBlocks Pro are two separate products. Furthermore the ‘Asset Library’ is explained here in the documentation. Of course the video is also a good reference.

Oh yes that’s right ! I was looking for something like “Add SVG icons” in the documentation and I did not think at all that the library part of the documentation, was the right spot to look into ! Thanks a lot !

Ok thank you, i’ll think about getting GenerateBlocks Pro then :slight_smile:

I still do not need GenerateBlocks Pro, i need it only for the “-” icons :confused:
Do you think you can add it to an update ? As there is the “+” icons…
Thanks a lot

I can understand that, if you only take this single icon into consideration. I’m not sure if there are more icons going to be added to the General Icons. Maybe the developers of the plugin can chime in here.