ACF Dates and Times - Wrong Format

I’ve just set-up some Heading blocks using ACF Date and Time inputs. The dynamic data is showing but it’s not in the correct format. The ACF field is set to output the data as d/m/Y - but the data on the page is being rendered as Ymd. I’ve tried changing the output to F j, Y but it makes no difference.

How can I control the output?


I take it there is no news here? My dates are still being rendered as Ymd. This is how the date is stored in the DB but it would be nice if Blocks included a feature to render it as required.

GB is only going to pull what is saved in the DB, which ACF says is always Ymd.

I think you would need to create a shortcode to grab the_field('date'); so ACF can output it in the option you have selected.