ACF Custom Block not showing inside Query Loop Block

Hopefully ,to ask for support here

We have that page, and in that page you see tabs, so those tabs are child of the parent post, and in each of that posts (child) have it’s on FAQ block that we created using ACF Custom block, in showing content uniquely in each of separate child post however, if it’s under the parent post, only the first child post of the FAQ block are showing in all of the tabs . May we know the problem?

Hey, @Lenmuel can you share the code editor for this part specifically? Hard to guess what’s wrong only by looking at the page.

Hello, thank you for your response

you can have a look in my recording

Let’s see if I understood the problem correctly.
You have this custom block that is working fine, but when you use it inside the query loop you don’t get the correct post id, only the first one, that’s it?

If that’s the case, your custom blocks need to use the context to have the correct post id.

yeah you’re correct, that’s I am also assuming, the acf block we create are only getting values from the first post inside query loop block, but other’s are not showing if we select the other posts under the parent post.

Any news about this? my brain cells are already exhausted on troubleshooting this matter

@Lenmuel as I said, I believe the problem is related to your custom block not having the post id context. The person who created this custom block should be able to add support for context using the link I sent you above.

If you have the Pro version, you can open a ticket for us and give us login details and we may help you there.

ohh so I need to login with my pro account? I am not sure on how to pass the post ID under useContext