A Hero from Template Library of GenerateBlocks pro

Hello team,

First, congratulations on the products you make. Are fabulous.

I have followed the tutorial How to Replicate #6: A Hero from Template Library of GenerateBlocks pro

All excellent, easy and practical.

I have a detail as you can see in the following image Screenshot by Lightshot

The first box is made with elements.

The second box is the result of the tutorial.

However, there is a space shown with the red arrows.

I have reviewed everything and I cannot find what causes that space.

Can you help me?

The site is, https://mamaybuho.club/

As always, grateful for your excellent support on GeneratePress, I extend it here.


Thats the Top Padding from the GP Themes main Container.
When building Full Width layouts set the Content Container ( in GP ) to Full Width.

This will remove the Themes padding as well as make the page full width

Hola David,

Excelente, no lo encontraba. Aún estoy aprendiendo GenerateBlocks.


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