50/50 Grid Not 100% Width But 25/75 Is - Why?

Hi. I posted this on FB, but here might be better. I am new to GenerateBlocks (used with GP), and have a question/problem. I have a container, with a grid inside with two containers set to 50/50, text paragraph in the left container, image in the right container. There is no padding or margins on any of the containers. But for some reason when set to 50/50 it does not go full width, and leaves a large space on the right. I can align the image to the right, but that leaves a large gap between the text and image. If I set it to 75/25 it spreads out fully, or 66/33, all other settings the same. The attached image shows 75/25 on top, and 50/50 below, on the same page. Can you help me understand why when using 50/50 spacing it isn’t using a 100% of the page width? Thank you.

Strange, any chance you can link us to the page so we can inspect the code?

Sure. I had deleted some of the test, but just recreated it.

The top section has no container, the second and third use containers showing the problem with the 50/50 split in the middle.


BTW, I tried it on another WP site with similar results.


I believe, it has to do with the fact that the image width is not wide enough to occupy the 50% space in which case you would have to right align the image on desktop and center align on device widths where the image is in it’s own row at 100%.


Let me test that idea. Thanks.

Duh! The image is too small. I really should have realized that. Thank you, that solves the issue.

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Perfect, glad it’s sorted!